Wrought iron fencing is elegant and functional, and it's been used by wealthy families since the 14th century who were the only ones who could afford its installation. In modern times, wrought iron fencing is still used commercially, and people who use fencing which is deteriorating can easily upgrade it with wrought iron, offering two times more protection and security.

A fence made from wrought iron can be used in many applications that are both residential and commercial. Wrought iron is similar in many ways to steel, it's an alloy that has a low carbon content in it.

Easy Maintenance

Wrought iron requires only easy cleaning to get rid of the dirt that accumulates on it. A wire brush is all that's needed for this, with some water.

It's also advisable to paint the fencing regularly over time after the cleaning in order to make it look as good as it had when it was first installed.

No maintenance of the iron fencing will only mean the weather damage results in rust, and any kind of cleaning will only be difficult. A repainting job involving thick coatings of paint will also be necessary with a primer and an automotive epoxy painting after the main repaint.


Installation of wrought iron fencing is quick - there are manufacturers that offer installation processes which will help keep the fences in the right spot. No-one needs to worry about installation as the manufacturer will have it done as quickly as possible.


Wrought iron fencing is;

- Stronger than vinyl or wood which are common fencing materials.

- Harder to break, making it better than other fencing materials used for security.

- Going to last much longer than other fences due to its strength.

- East to maintain. It just needs to be cleaned and painted over to get rid of rust.

Cons to Wrought Iron fencing

Wrought iron is more expensive due to the difficulty in making it, and occasionally may be more difficult to install as well. 

If wrought iron is weathered long enough, it will begin to rust, which is hard to remove because of the slag in the metal. Slag is the byproduct of produced by smelting the iron ore from stone, and it becomes more evident when the metal is bent. Paint will slow the rust, but the paint will be chipped off over time by weathering.

Wrought iron can be bent and molded into different designs, but fences made from this type of material are very easy to see through. Common designs of wrought iron fencing are straight bars or sweeping swirls which are considered "open" designs.

Open designs feature iron bars that are set close to one another. This design does keep people on the other side of the fence, but it doesn't stop people looking in.

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