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 wooden fencing

Adding a wooden fence to your yard or business is beneficial in many ways. Many people prefer to have their yard fenced-in for a particular purpose, while others like the sheer looks of a wooden fence and feel it gives the property or building a finished look. So, what are the biggest benefits of a wooden fence ?


A wooden fence is one way to get some added security for your home, especially if you install a taller fence in the range of six to eight feet in height. It can help detour intrusions into your yard from people or unwanted animals.

A wooden fence can also help secure your pets in your yard. If your wooden fence is securely installed, you can safely let your pet roam your yard without worry of him getting out, into the road, or worry of unwanted animals gaining access to your pet.

Available styles:

  • Privacy
  • Picket
  • Decorative


A privacy wooden fence can give you privacy from neighbors or busy streets and traffic. This is the main driving force behind many homeowners’ choice to install a six to eight foot privacy fence. You can create your own private oasis with a privacy wooden fence to block out unwanted distractions and annoyances. This can be especially great for backyard swimming pools, sunbathers, backyard barbeques, as well as privacy for your children while they play in the yard.


Wooden fences are one of the more cost efficient fences available. When compared to other types of fencing, from wrought iron to brick walls. For the price of a brick wall installed over a small area; for instance, you could fence in your whole property.

Another cost-cutting benefit is that most types of fences or walls usually require someone to install it for you. This means labor and installation fees. You can install a wooden fence yourself if you have the right tools, especially since the wooden posts are already cut to the right size, eliminating a difficult task.


There are many positive attributes of a wooden fence when it comes to its appearance. A wooden fence can be very versatile which gives you plenty of options for creating a look that accentuates your home, your property and your personal taste. Some of the most common ways to change and alter the appearance of your wooden fence are:

  • Change the color of the stain
  • Change the color of the paint
  • Subtract or add braces for a diverse look
  • Change out the posts for a more ornamental or patterned look
  • Choose sculpted slats as opposed to flat-top slats for a sleek appearance

Add your personal touches to the fence with plant hangers, decorative plaques, or an attractive outdoor thermostat.


Wooden fences are durable and can last years if well maintained and cared for. Unlike brick walls that can lose bricks, which will affect the stability of its structure. Repairs are typically easy and only require replacing or repairing small sections. You will also likely be able to make the repairs yourself which will save you money in the long run. For more info please visit our home page.