Vinyl fencing is highly popular among homeowners today, and it's easy to see why. It is one of the most versatile types of fencing available. Easy to maintain, it avoids some of the problems that are associated with other types of fencing. Best of all for homeowners, it is available in many different classy colors and styles. As a tope Grand Rapids fence installation company, we do quite a lot of vinyl jobs.

Vinyl As A Product

Vinyl is emerging as a superior product in fencing. Because it is made from PVC, it is virtually weather-proof. That means it can be used successfully in areas where water would be a concern, such as around a pool. Vinyl refuses to rot, chip or warp. It is a strong product, and can withstand the assaults of hail, snow and ice. It can stand up to the rays of the sun without yellowing. This makes it highly desirable, and useful for many applications around a home or business.

What Types Of Vinyl Fence Are Available?

Homeowners can choose from five basic styles for their vinyl fence, as follows:
* Private
* Semi-Private
* Ranch Style
* Pool Fence
* Picket Fence

Private fencing differs from the others in that there is no spacing between the pickets. They are interlocked tightly with one another. Many homeowners want this type of privacy. Others would like to have a more open pattern to allow more natural light into their back or front yard. How and where the fence will be used is a factor in whether a private fence would be best.

Once the basic style has been chosen, homeowners can elect to add on many other beautiful accessories. These include decorative lattice on top of the fencing, different types of entry gates, and post caps.

Variety Of Colors Available

The exciting thing about vinyl fence is that there is such a wide color selection. One color can be used, or different colors can be alternated on the fence. This makes it easy for a homeowner to match or enhance the décor of their home. Unlike wood fencing, colors are long-lasting and do not have to be repainted. Even if the beauty of the fence is marred by graffiti or other marks, it can be easily removed. Simply wash with standard household cleaner.

Those who like the look of a wood fence can choose vinyl that is finished with a wood grain look. There is even a new vinyl product that matches the look of natural stone. Vinyl pairs well with the stone pathways and the metal outdoor accessories homes usually contain.

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