Getting some expert advice before having a fence installed will insure that you'll get everything you wanted and need. The decisions to be made are more complex than the average person realizes. Working with the staff at will help you decide on the best option for you.

What Are You Looking For?

If you want a fence to help with security, you can choose from a couple of materials and styles. Do you want to keep the kids and the dogs in the yard?

Should the fence enhance the appearance and value of your home?

Or of course you might want all of the above. Besides looking at your budget and the costs of the different fence types, you need to look into how long each material lasts and what maintenance you might need.

Chain Link Fences

These are strong and provide good residential security. They are a bit more flexible as well if you have to fence around small areas. The cost is lower for chain link and these fences are long lasting. You can successfully combine chain link with other fence types.

Vinyl Fences

If you want the best of all worlds, this is what you want. The possibilities for vinyl are many. Anything you can do with wood, you can have made in this pvc pipe material. You can have any color, your choice of end caps on the posts, heights and top designs. Another advantage is the durability and lack of maintenance. Making you pool privacy fence from vinyl and the water will not do any damage.

Wooden Fences

This type of fence come in a variety of styles and heights. If you want to have privacy in your yard, a privacy fence is what you need. The wooden slats lay together side by side so no one can look in. You can choose the height depending on needs. The privacy fence is also a security fence. If you have a pool, a high fence and secured gate are a must. The split log ranch style fence is also possible although these are more decorative than anything. You may like the old traditional white picket fence. Pickets do provide a safe place for pets and children and do look nice. Maintenance is fairly heavy. Accidents will happen and wood pieces break. You also need to keep the wood painted or stained. Wooden fences work around decks as well. In general wood is the least expensive.

Wrought Iron Fences 

The strongest and most secure. The installation doesn’t usually take too long because the factory puts a lot of the fencing together before delivery. This type is long lasting and can add to curb appeal. Maintenance means scrubbing with a brush and removing rust. To prevent rust as the fence ages, painting is advised. Wrought Iron isn’t the best for an intricate pattern.


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