You love your horses, whether your horses are a source of your livelihood or strictly for your recreation and enjoyment, protecting them is an important part of being a good horse owner. To contain your horses on your property, you will need a horse fence. There is a wide selection of horse fences to choose from. Your choice may depend on what function the fence will serve on your property, as well as how large of an area you need to fence, and how many horses you have on the property.


What you should know about horses before choosing a fence


Horses are one of the largest animals on a farm and are very intelligent. Horses have the ability to jump fences without effort. They are tall, long legs and avid jumpers by nature. It won’t take them long to figure out how to hop a fence that isn’t tall enough to prevent them from escaping. One rule of thumb for choosing the height of a horse fence is by your Stallion. Stallions are the most challenging horse in any fold and you will need to gauge the standard of your fence according to them.


They also have strong legs and capable of kicking fences to destroy them, which means the fence needs to be structurally strong and stable. Something else that needs to be considered, is a horse’s intelligence. Horses are smart enough to figure out how to undo latches, which means you will want the fence to be secure enough to keep your horses from escaping through the gate.


How to choose the right type of fence for your horses


Due to the number of different types of fencing, you will want to do your research on the different types to find out their pros and cons, cost, and how easy or hard they are to maintain. To help you get started, here are a few popular types of horse fences.


Post and rail fence


Post and rail fences are attractive, they’re sturdy fences and they can be long-lasting with proper care. They are also easy to see for horses, so that they know where their boundaries are. On the other hand, post and rail are typically made of vinyl, wood, or metal, which are all considered rigid fences and pose a risk of causing injury to your horses. These fences have the potential to breakdown, splinter or develop sharp points. When horses run the fence, get pushed into the fence or chew on the fence, it can cause splinters or other injuries. One way to help prevent this is to run an electric horse fence along the inside as an extra precaution.


Horse fence wire


Although this is a smooth and inexpensive way to go, it is a type that can impose injury to horses due to the inability to see the fence clearly. Horses tend to run into the fence or rub up against it and a cutting injury can occur. For better results, we can add a highly visible electric strand that discourages your horses from leaning or rubbing as well as it makes it more visible for accidental run-ins.


Electric horse fence


This type of fence is generally highly effective in containing your horses by way of giving the horse a little shock if it rubs or chews on the fence. Horses learn quick to stay away, However, in the case of a collision with the fence, the fence may not hold up. It is rather easy to install and cost-effective. The ElectroBraid electric fence is one that comes recommended by veterinarians for the fact that it reacts somewhat like a boxing ring would. The fence absorbs the impact of the horse in an incident of a horse having a run-in with the fence, and will continue to contain the horse as opposed to breaking away.


Researching before buying


It’s important that you research all the different types of horse fences before you purchase one for your property. No matter how cost efficient of a fence you purchase, it is still a big investment and you do not want to have the wrong type installed, only to learn later that you need to replace it due to problems with your horses getting out easily, the fence was not right for the type of terrain you have, or it becomes too hard to maintain. The more you know ahead of time, the better the choice you will make and both you and your horses will be happy. This is why Pro-Line Fencing wants to help you. We know all about the many different types of fencing for all types of livestock. We can help you with your horse fence, from explaining your options, to helping you choose, installing, maintaining and repairing.


Why choose Pro-Line Fencing to install your horse fence?


Pro-Line Fencing installs fences in the Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Grand Haven areas and are available to answer any questions or concerns you have about your fencing issues. We are experts in fencing for both residential and commercial properties. We will send one of our installers out to your property to evaluate your property and give you an estimate. If you aren’t sure what type of horse fence you want or need, we will go over all the options and give you our opinion on which type of horse fence would work best for your property and terrain, as well as the number of horses you need to contain and your budget.


Pro-Line Fence doesn’t just install your horse fence and leave it to you to maintain or make repairs. We install, repair and maintain any fence – whether it was installed by Pro-Line Fence or another company. We aim to give our customers the best experience with their fencing needs by giving you the best, most courteous staff to work with. Call us today to get your free quote on your horse fence installation or repair job. We’re ready to help you.


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